A number of independent research and development technologies have won many national patent certifications

As the Olympic Strategic Partner of the Water Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of China
  • Technical Advantages
    Weight and hardness
    In the Beijing Olympic Games, our company uses the best composite materials, such as carbon fiber. Honeycomb sandwich vacuum bag pressing, high temperature curing and other technologies are adopted to manufacture the lightest and strong boat.
    3D Design
    According to the requirements of customers, provide complete solutions, use AutoCAD, solid work and other software to draw drawings or build 3D models.
    Resin Transfer Moulding
    The basic principle of RTM is to place the glass fiber reinforced material in the cavity of the closed mold, inject the resin glue into the mold cavity with pressure, soak the glass fiber reinforced material, and then solidify and release the molded product. The characteristics of the RTM process: ensure stable dimensions, smooth inside and outside; various core reinforcement materials can be added; labor costs are reduced, with less raw materials and low energy consumption.