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On January 5, Beijing time, the China Land Rowing Tournament held the last race of the 2019 season in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park. The old friends met, the new friends met, and they competed against each other to complete the rowing sprint in the winter.

Lu Binfang, director of the China Rowing Association's onshore rowing committee, gave a speech on the spot. Li Binghong, president of the Beijing Water Sports Association, announced the start of the race.

Although the imperial capital has entered the middle of the winter, the contestants “enclosed” the game site before eight o'clock. Participants of this time are free to choose the team competition or individual competition mode, and sweat winter through different difficulty items. The 2,000-meter king and team champion of the audience can win one Concept2 prize. In addition to the traditional events, this competition also has a special youth group. Young athletes come from various junior high schools in Beijing. Liu Qihan, who entered the competition at the age of 7, refreshed the minimum age of the competition this year. At the end of the game, there was still a sprint of strength, which was amazing! The breath was also relatively stable, and it seems that there is usually no less exercise. "An old rowing bird commented.
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