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One-stop customized service for water boat race
  • What is one-stop service?
    Peisheng takes care of everthing
    What Peisheng can do for you in race event services:
    Channel lines planning and layout, layout of the rostrum and other land facilities, and opening ceremony facilities. In terms of equipment, we provide boats and catamarans in various specifications, as well as the boats starting system for the event. You don't need to contact multiple units for a single event. Peisheng boat can do all for you.
    Quality pre-race training
    To achieve the coexistence of professionalism and fun, so that you can better experience the joy of water boat sports.
    For some non-professional events, we provide complete and systematic pre-race training. So that everyone who loves water sports can play better and safer.
    Team work activity with high entertainment
    Help you better improve team cohesion and do a meaningful team work activity.
    We provide interesting team boat activities plan for enterprises, schools and groups of all sizes.
    Tired of team work activities on land, it's time to come to experience the water activities. Rowing and dragon boats are good teamwork sports, which can not only exercise individual physical fitness, but also promote tacit cooperation between teams and enhance team cohesion.
    Covering multiple age groups
    Water sports for children and middle-aged people
    Rowing, kayaking and dragon boat are aerobic exercises for full body exercise.
    The water sports are mostly carried out in rivers, lakes, with fresh air and abundant sunshine. Being bathed by nature, it can effectively improve the cardiovascular and respiratory system functions of the human body, enhance the muscle strength of the whole body, regulate the balance of the nervous system, and improve the health level of the human body. The lung capacity of rowing athletes ranks first in various sports, up to 7000 ml. Some people call rowing lung gymnastics.