Peisheng Boat Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of carbon fiber and fiberglass products, such as wind turbine hatch cover, rowing boat, kayak and canoe, catamarans, yachts, dragon boat, carbon paddle, water sport equipment, slalom obstacles and car components. We are the only domestic equipment partner of Chinese rowing boat, kayak and canoe association from 2006 to 2009.The official partner of FISA,ARF; The official partner of IDBF; The equipment supplier of Shanghai Electric company; The qualified supplier of Zhejiang Fengyi Wind Turbine equipment.

Headquartered in the Pudong, ShangHai, our company has three production bases, which are located in Qiandaohu,Zhejiang, Dongtai,Jiangsu, Yuxi ,Yunnan, with a total construction area of more than 100,000 square meters, more than 500 employees,more than 40 management employees and more than 50 technical personnel. Our company consists of boat department, glass fiber products department, wind turbine hatch cover department , automobile industry department and Peisheng boat High Tech &Research Development Center. Our company has an annual production capacity of 10000 boats,2500 sets of wind turbine hatch covers and glass fiber products.


Has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, our company has got the boat inspection certificate from Shanghai Ship Inspection Office, the credit qualification rating 3A level in Shanghai credit system construction enterprise system, and won the third Prize of Pudong Science and Technology Cooperation Award Project in 2005 National Science and Technology Industrial System of Defense. Our company has participated in the construction of supporting facilities for Donghai Bridge-the first sea-crossing bridge in China. In 2008, we are the only Chinese supplier for the sprint canoes in Beijing Olympic game, also as the rowing boats equipment supplier. Our company has become the only successful bidder to provide the catamarans and slalom obstacles in 2008 Olympic sprint water canoes event through the international public bidding and won the praise from the teams and referees. In 2014, We are the exclusive equipment supplier of canoe for 2nd Youth Olympic Games. In 2015, we are the only appointed supplier for the sprint canoe equipment for Fouzhou National Youth sports Game.

Our company is currently engaged in the research and development of long-term automobile lightweight projects with 703 Aerospace Institutes of China, as well as technical cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and other universities.

Company qualification:
  • ◎ The member unit of FISA;
  • ◎ IDBF official partner;
  • ◎ FISA official partner;
  • ◎ ARF official partner;
  • ◎ Director unit of venue Equipment Committee of Chinese Canoe Association;
  • ◎ Deputy director unit of venue Equipment Committee of Chinese Rowing Association;
  • ◎ Governing unit of Chinese Dragon Boat Association;
  • ◎ The deputy director unit of Composite Materials Recycling Committee of China Mainland Federation;
  • ◎ 2008 Olympic strategy partner of Water Sports Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China;
  • ◎ The standing director unit of Shanghai Boat Sports Association;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Shanghai Sports equipment Association;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Shanghai Dragon Boat Association;
  • ◎ The supplier of Shanghai Electric;
  • ◎ The member of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai;
  • ◎ The Governing unit of Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Chun-an Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai;
  • ◎ The president unit of Shanghai Pudong Dragon Boat Association;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Zhejiang sports industry Federation;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Zhejiang Rowing Association;
  • ◎ Deputy Director Unit of Sports Industry Committee of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Zhejiang Business Economic Development Council;
  • ◎ The standing member of Hangzhou Sports & Leisure Industry Association;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Hangzhou Boat Sports Association;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Dondtai, JiangSu;
  • ◎ The vice president unit of Fujian Boat Sports Association;
  • ◎ Industry-Research Base of Anhui University of Science and Technology;
  • ◎ Shanghai Kayak and Rowing Training Base;
  • ◎ Vice President Unit of Zhejiang Homestay Industry Association。