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The "Fourteen Winter" ice dragon boat race, as the nation ’s largest winter large-scale comprehensive mass competition before the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, has attracted 20 teams, 500 teams, including 500 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. More than one athlete competed, and they staged a wonderful feast of snow and ice in the beautiful Dorenor, the source of Luohe River.

Athletes from all provinces made wonderful appearances. The five-star red flag was rising over the Longze Lake Park in Duolun County. The bright national anthem of the People's Republic of China sang the national anthem and solemnly sacred.

Dragon Boat brought the finishing touch of "Aura" to start the battle on the ice. The friction between the ice and the ice surface began to rise and fall. On the ice surface shining with silver, the players started a fierce battle. The enthusiastic citizens cheered for the athletes, and the atmosphere was warm.
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